First Visit

Treating the Cause, not just the symptom 

Please be prepared to be examined in your underwear, or alternatively you may wish to bring a comfortable pair of shorts to change into.  Jeans or tight trousers restrict range of movement and can make assessment difficult. Privacy screen provided.

Your appointment will involve three stages:

1/.  Case History.  A detailed medical case history will be taken. Please bring with you, or note down, any medications that you are taking, or have previously taken.

2/. Examination and diagnosis. A thorough physical examination will be carried out to assess posture, movement, joints and muscles. Typically, this involves a standing examination and carrying out particular movements to assess quality and range of movement.

3/. Treatment. Treatment will be tailored to each individual patient. No two treatments will be exactly the same, as a plan is carefully drawn up for each patient. The treatment plan takes into account the patient’s presenting complaint, their level of pain, age, state of health and circumstances, and specifies the appropriate techniques and the amount of treatment needed.

Please note that, rarely, very long and complex case histories may not leave time for treatment in the first session. If you feel this may apply to you, please contact your practitioner prior to the appointment.